Science Teacher Preparation Program
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Description of the Program

The College of Science Teacher Preparation Program provides science majors the opportunity to take courses and engage in school experiences that will lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Science Education, to eligibility for secondary science teacher certification, or to a minor in Science Education .

Program Strengths
Science majors spend significant amounts of time working with mentor teachers in area middle schools and high schools. Program students have exciting opportunities to work with classroom teachers to experiment with ideas that are discussed in their college courses.

The teaching courses focus on science, rather than a mix of teaching subject areas. This allows for a unique blend of science and pedagogy in the courses.

The science teaching courses and the school-based classroom experiences are taught and supervised by faculty and adjunct instructor who themselves have significant experiences in secondary science teaching.

Science majors may graduate in their disciplinary majors and simultaneously complete the Teacher Preparation Program courses to become eligible for teacher certification. This provides a degree of flexibility not common among other teacher preparation programs.

Program Curriculum
The Science Teacher Preparation Program curriculum includes 30 semester credit hours of science teaching (STCH) courses and 3 semester credit hours of subject-specific methods courses.

Most STCH courses include significant classroom experience under the supervision of an experienced mentor teacher.

The program is designed to be taken over a minimum of four semesters, included summer sessions. (Two of the STCH courses are offered during summer session in an online format.) One of these semesters is devoted entirely to a student teaching experience.

Why you should you consider becoming a science teacher

Science teachers today are in demand. Currently there is a shortage of qualified science teachers in K-12 schools. Additionally, science teaching is an exciting and rewarding career that combines opportunities to work simultaneously with young people and with science.

Explore the opportunities that science teaching can provide by enrolling in our first course: STCH 250 - Teaching Science. This course will provide you with the information you need to help make that important career decision about science teaching!

More about the program

To learn more about the Science Teacher Preparation Program contact one of the advisors and arrange a meeting to discuss program details.